North Shore Technologies signs strategic partnership agreement with Diaspark a leading global IT solutions firm with offices located in the United States and India.

North Shore Technologies Now WBE and DBE Certified.

North Shore Technologies understands that 90.7% of all U.S. businesses are micro businesses, with fewer than 5 employees, and often only one employee. North Shore also understands how to work with midsized, large, and even Fortune 100 companies, cultivating strong personal relations with the individuals shaping those companies. As a relationship builder, both for technology staffing and total solutions, North Shore understands that a critical segment of its mission is to serve as an interface between small and disadvantaged service providers and industry leaders who often need those providers for key project components.

On June 1, 2010, North Shore took another major step forward in its role as an interface for the “human supply network” when Pennsylvania finalized their DBE Certification. As a DBE and WBE certified woman-owned business, North Shore can now bid on a greatly enlarged set of projects, creating a larger base of opportunity for its service providers.

“The need for specialized skills continues to grow,” explains Maryann Martin, the CEO and co-founder of North Shore Technologies. “Managing relationships with all these providers is beyond the scope of most companies. A relationship-oriented staffing firm can understand not just each individual’s skills, but also how to capitalize on their strengths and skirt any weaknesses. All the great talent of the world is stored in a collection of individuals just waiting to be tapped. Managing this talent requires more time than most industry-specific companies can afford to invest.”

As Mrs. Martin increasingly focuses on the staffing side of the company, her husband, Bob Martin, has been proactively targeting total solutions. Mr. Martin is founder, chairman, and COO of North Shore. Perhaps not surprisingly, his favorite project is the human supply network component of the Living Widgets Global Supply Network. “I have a theory,” states Mr. Martin, “that there is a ‘right’ job for every employee and a ‘right’ company for every project. The trick is to match everything up. The Living Widgets project makes this goal broadly accessible to companies, as they manage their employees and their supply networks.”