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Desktop and Servers

Desktop management solutions directly support an organization’s end-user computing needs by helping to ensure the optimum configuration of desktop computing devices, and delivering critical software resources, security patches and updates in a timely manner.

Crossing all technical and organizational boundaries, its automated features reduce IT staff time spent distributing software, maintaining and tracking PC inventory, configuring machines and managing remote systems.

Network and Systems

Network and Systems products manage the health and availability of operating systems and infrastructure elements such as network devices, business applications and databases. Powerful autodiscovery creates 2D and 3D dynamic visualizations.

Historian records past events and object status. Predictive management alerts you to future bottlenecks so action can be taken to avoid them.

Service Management

Service Management solutions bring the worlds of business and IT together to achieve business alignment and financial administration of IT. The solution enables you to define IT offerings in business terms and automatically provision, measure and support these services in the context of business needs and meet your service level commitments. It helps you to determine the true cost of providing IT, allocate these costs to the business units based on usage, ensure regulatory compliance, manage asset procurement contracts and optimizing the use of assets by reconciling the operational and the financial information and adhering to best practices, including IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).
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