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FT Placement Services

In the fast paced world of technology many hiring managers and key procurement personnel have virtually an overwhelming number of sources to find and hire information technology professionals to fill permanent positions. Many sources include Internet-based job boards; college fairs, advertisements or personal referrals can generate dozens of candidates for one position.

If you decide to administrate the candidates internally the hiring manager is faced with the daunting task of sorting, screening and interviewing all of these candidates which can take days, weeks or even months  potentially crippling critical IT projects and support operations. Worse yet, the candidates the hiring manager is reviewing may not even have the basic qualifications needed to join your team.

As the national economy surges higher, analysts and executives from many sectors agree that the need for full-time IT professionals is sure to skyrocket. Clearly, finding the best IT professionals will continue to be a challenge; companies who are able to fill permanent positions the fastest are ensuring their ability to stay competitive and future success.

Experience Discovering Top Talent is at your service

NST realizes how critical it is to find the best and the brightest IT professionals quickly and in short order. NST’s primary business focus has been uncovering and discovering the best technical talent for the Pittsburgh market. We locate talent by utilizing our team of business development managers and recruiters to develop a pipeline of top IT professionals ready for assignments. Our clients searching for full-time candidates can access this pipeline through our permanent placement practice.

Expedited Recruiting Process

NST has defined a system of well-tested processes, these processes can be further tailored to meet each client’s specific need or to compensate for changing demands in a volatile IT employment market. Once we have received a request from our client NST’s account manager will contact the client to set milestones for the interview process. Fully vetted candidates can be delivered for interviews within days. Our account manager will follow up with our client after the interview to discuss the candidates success in the interview and if offered the position or ask further questions to help screen for the next set of candidates.

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