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Data Availability

Data Availability solutions protect the entire Enterprise, including file systems, applications, databases and messaging systems across all major distributed environments: Windows, NetWare, Linux, UNIX and mainframes. Available individually or in any combination that meets the needs of the organization, these solutions provide comprehensive, cross-platform backup and recovery from the laptop to the mainframe; data replication; and business-focused, policy-driven data management. Data Availability solutions also include Data Management for the Mainframe Enterprise Server environment, including z/OS, OS/390, z/VM and VSE.

Storage Management

Storage Management solutions support an intelligent approach to storage management by providing the tools necessary to identify and classify Enterprise-wide storage assets, define unique best practices for administering them and take the necessary action to manage them effectively. A common portal user interface provides a central point of control from which the entire storage infrastructure can be managed. Solutions work across platforms, in heterogeneous environments including DAS, NAS,and SANs. These solutions can be extended through integration with other partner solutions using standards-based interfaces as well as customized interfaces.
Storage Management
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